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Currently Closed and Not Accepting Orders!

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All items are made to order and freshly baked just for you!

If you are interested in placing an order, go to our Order Inquiry page and fill out all of the required information. We will then work with you on getting the treats ready when you need them, and also discuss personalized delivery options!



A Little More About What We Do

We are a woman-owned and 100% vegan home bakery serving Columbus, Ohio. Our goal? To make it easy to thrive on a vegan diet and not miss out on your favorite sweets.

Not only do we steer clear of animal products, but we also try to avoid the same old flavors. Cinnamon rolls? Add birthday cake. Mango bread? Add Kombucha. Peanut butter muffins? Add Shortbread. The flavor combinations and unique treats are endless. 

We can be found at events in the Columbus area, at Eden Burger located in Columbus, and you can of course always place an order online. No matter the occassion or desire, we got your sweet-tooth covered.


"Veganism is not a sacrifice, it is a joy."

Gary L. Francione